Hello students and families!

I am so proud of the work that we have done. The completed movies came out wonderful, and it was simply awesome to share them with our families. I am putting them up here so that you can view them when you are outside of our classroom.

Here are our completed Craycast movie research projects!

Craycast Introduction - created by me

Craycast Anatomy - created by Alley, AJ, Ben, Justine, Kayla and Michael L

Craycast Behavior - created by Akshara, Andrew, Megan and Michael A

Craycast Diet - created by Dennis, Jaywon, Michael M and Tyler

Craycast Habitat - created by Dimitri, Dustin, Emmy, Robert, and Sabah

Craycast Survival - created by Anastasia, Anthony, Dean, Michelle, Sravya and Yianni