"I just can`t do it"! yelled Joseph as he stompped his foot on the ground. He sets, he aims, he fires. But he missed so he took off the target and sat on the fioor.Joseph had practiced since he was 4. He goes to a class every Saturday with his friends and hisolder brother James. Joseph goal for now is to is to get his first bullseye for the first time. If he wins the contest he wins a free achery kit. But what he needs to do now is to get a bullseye.

"This is so hard"! Joseph moped as he jumped up and down.

"Relax"! James told him as they walked in the class. They saw that everyone had took their stances and boom! Everyone got a bullseye but Joseph. "I give up"! yelled Joseph as he broke his bow and ran out of the class. "I`ll never do archery again"! Joseph complained. Joseph thought of how everyone is better than he is at archery. But then he thought archery is only thing he`s good at so he got up and walked in the class.

"I'll give it another try" Joseph said proudly. The teacher gave him a new bow. He got set he aims and bam! He got his first bullseye! " I did it"! Joeseph chered. Everyone clapped in excitment and joy. "I've acheved my goal"! Joeseph chered. "Now all you have to do is to enter the archery contest". smiled James as he picked him up and sat him on his sholders. "I can't beleve it i'm going to tell dad'! Joseph said in excitment. "Just wait till tomarow. "Ok"? "Ok". said Joseph smiling.