"Michael, pack your suitcase we are leaving tomorrow” said Michael's mom.
“Do I have to?” said Michael. He went and packed his suitcase looking all disappointed. He stepped over all his clothes and shoeboxes. As soon as he was done he went right to bed he was so tired. The next day he got ready for the trip.
“Put your suitcase in the car” yelled Michael's dad. Oh fine thought Michael, not doing it thinking his mom will do it. But his mom never saw it because of a jacket on top. So she thinks Michael did it. They left in the car to Hershey.
Michael thought nothing about his suit case.
“Here we go they all said”, but the next hour was so boring. His laptop was working but then it flickered and shut off. The DVD player was being charged. So Michael just twiddled his thumbs and listened to the radio. All he wanted to do was get out of the car and eat Hershey delish chocolate. This was going to be a long ride he thought to him self because all he could think about was the chocolate he was going to eat.

But then they arrived and Michael got up from his wonderful thoughts. Michael leaped out to stretch his leg. Michael walked as his legs creaked from being in the car So long. A loud yawn came from Michael. They brought up all luggages and unpacked.
Michael unpack your stuff said Michaels Mom.
“Ok” said Michael he went and looked for his suit case and that’s when he realized wasn’t there. Then it dawned on Michael he had left it and his mom didn’t find it because of his jacket. He did not want to hear from his parents but he learned be neater. His parents yelled and screamed so in all those photos he was wearing his brother clothes. His parents were so mad they used the photo on their holiday card, so every one saw him with these big** clothes on. So for like a month all his friends said thye liked his broyher clothes.