"Hi mom" Jimmy put down his bookbag
"Hi jimmy how was school"
"Horrible"jimmy said
"I have a huge test tomorrow so can i go to Tony's house to study"
"sure"said his mom
"but one thing no video games"
"I'll come back at 6:00
As i went into the car I looked out of the window about 20 minutes i got bored untill i got there

Scene 2
As i was in Tony's house we when to the basement which was really the mancave
We turned on the wii put in the baseball game.......We beat already 30 online people
which were not so hard untill we were versing the hard team which was the highest level
BBBAAAMMM HOMERUN jimmy looked so happy crack boom. What was that tony asked
i dont know jimmy said so they kept playing 20 minutes. Later they had just realized that they just broke
a vase and then tony said we got caught and the mom just yelled not to brake anything this can't be happening
jimmy screamed we never got caught in our lives said tony .......................

Scene 3
jimmy thought he would never get caught but he did and he cant redo that so he got up and tony already saw what he was
thinking."NO WAY"screamed tony
"YES WAY" jimmy said in a crazy attude.
"fine"tony said
"WE WE WERE safe" yelled jimmy
glueing up the last pieces "YA" yelled tony
Want the heck replied tony they looked on the ground.
"HOLY COW" both of them sceamed
"Ok i give up" said tony
"me to jimmy said" lets tell your mom as they walked upsairs."sorry"said jimmy
the mom asked why we said we broke a vase she said it was ok and she said dont do it again we were so blessed thats when jimmys mom
called and asked if we were playing video games. BUSTED tony's mom said jimmy got grounded for about a year for never telling the true
TIP if this ever happens to you one little suggestion always tell truth.