Eric the Red

We will be using our research skills to find information about our assigned explorers. Together, we will create a virtual social network that these brave people in history can be part of. This is our very own historical social network called Historybook. Your history page will contain biographical information and images about your explorer. Also, you will be able to use special tools and resources if you would like to make your page even more exciting.

Date of explorer’s birth and death (if known).

950-1003 or 1004

What country was the explorer born in?


What country did the explorer sail on for (on behalf of)?

When did they sail? Pick the 1 or 2 most significant dates.

What was the reason for their voyage?
because the land was ice-free but they promise groth and future prosperity.

Where did they actually land?

Western Greenland

Did you find a map of their voyage or voyages?

external image 250px-Abraham_Ortelius-Septentrionalium_Regionum_Descrip.jpg

Any other information that you want to add? Add it here.

Paste any URL information for any images that you would like to use. Save them to the "T:/Dugger/1213/historybook/yourexplorername" folder.

What will your status be? Make sure it is something related to your explorer and what he did, lived through, or remembered for.

List 3-4 things that you can put in the "About" section. This would be information like when and where they were born, their "likes".

Remember you must also fill in 1-3 years on the timeline to the right of the cover image. What years have you chosen and why?