/ Francisco Pizzaro

"Hola me amigos, my name is Francisco Pizzaro. I sailed for a voyage to Panama. Fame and fortune is what I seeked. Now time to go adios amigos."

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Date of explorer’s birth and death (if known). How did they die?

Deathdate-1541 Pizzaro killed Almagro- a person who went against Pizzaro. Almagro's followers wanted revenge and assisnated Pizzaro, on June 26th, 1541.

What country was the explorer born in?
He was born Trujillo, Spain.

What country did the explorer sail on for (on behalf of)?
He sailed to centrel America known as Panama.

When did they sail? Pick the 1 or 2 most significant dates.
In 1513 he sailed first, and then he sailed again in 1526.

What was the reason for their voyage?
He wanted to seek fame and fortune in America which was recently discovered.

Where did they actually land?
They landed in Panama where they planned to.

What people did the explorer come into contact with?

He formed a partnership with Diego de Almago and Hernando de Luque.

What artifacts or objects might your explorer have collected on their journeys?
They might have found gold, silver, and other riches.

Did this person make any mistakes or bad decisions? Be specific.
Yes, he was very greedy and cruel. he captured the Inca ruler and asked a very high ransom, but after the ransom was paid, the ruler was killed.

Any other information:
Pizzaro was killed in his palace in Lima

Dear journal,

Now it's 1513, time for my first voyage to Panama. Let's go. All aboard! Life at sea could be hard, but all explorers, like me are up for the challenge. I know about scurvy, but that's not going to scare me because I am a Francisco Pizzaro! Oh no! Look we're are moving away from the port. Im'm not going to panic. Just going to think orf the calm seas-" What was that?" "That's just the ship's anchor, calm down captain", replied one of the sailors. During this voyage I'm becoming lesser and lesser scared of the high seas, I might even do this again. I see a land. 'Land Ho!", I screamed. I'm thinking this is Panama. Hey, look there is man at the island, I wonder who that is?
Guess , I said " Hola" to him and he said that he was Diego de Almago. On my first voyage I had made an aquaintance. We met Hernando de Luque also.
I sailed to Panama and met the Inca empire and, sadly, captured the Inca emperor. I sailed again in 1526.My voyages was a fun, but I did make a few mistakes. I was a greedy person and I did very bad things. Well, that was my life was, I made a very bad mistakes.

Hola, my name is Francisco Pizzaro. I was born in Trujillo, Spain in 1475? I wanted to sail for a voyage at young age, so I sailed in 1513 to Panama, now known as central America. I sailed to seek fame and fourtune in America that was recently discovered. I reached Panama, the land I planned to sail to. I soon met Diego de Almago and Hernando Luque. I formed a partnership with both of them. On Panama I discovered the Inca Empire and met with the Inca Emperor. There I found gold, silver, and many other riches. By September 1532, I planned to meet Atahualpa, the emperor of Incas. I planned to make him my prisonor. 200 of my men and I set off to the city of Cajamacara. On November 16th I reached Cajamacara, hid away from sight, and captured the Emperor, as the Incas had no weapons. I asked for a very high ransom, but after the ransom was paid I had the Inca emperor killed. Soon, my ungrateful partner, Almagro felt I had cheated him out of money. I broke into war and soon he was killed. Almagro's followers attacked and killed me in my palace in Lima, on June 26th, 1541. That finished me.