Gina's Realistic Fiction

Waking up at 8:00 am looking up at the white ceiling. Looking at the siblings playing tag together.” ‘Guess there's nothing to do to today’, Casey thought. Casey in bed still, said to herself, 'Today I am going to find a way how I can get a little brother!’’ Casey thought of ways an l-o-n-g time when finally 'boom', she thought of something! Casey running, running down the stairs thinking of her new plan!

Casey thought,’ this might be a great plan! This might actually work!" Walking down each step. Finally she had the chance! "Mom"- "Honey, what do you want for breakfast?” Mom interrupted.

"Mom", Casey wined,” I don't care about breakfast. I had something better to tell you!" "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” Mom yelled,” And I am not going to listen to you unless you eat!" Casey scrunched up her face and ate her soggy "berry yogurt crunch" cereal. When Casey was finally done she showed her mom the empty bowl and she got the chance!
Casey said, "About the time when I was about to tell you something, can we adopt a little brother? "No Casey's mother replied, "We don't even have enough money for that!"

Casey made a look at her mom and stomped up-stairs to her bedroom. "Since my mom won't listen to me I guess I will have to just think hard", Casey thought. “Tic toc”, the minutes went along and Casey was still thinking of an idea. Suddenly a light bulb went in her head.”Beep, beep, beep, and beep as she dialed the numbers.
“Hi Amanda,” Casey said, “Hi Casey, Amanda said.” Do you have any advice on how I can get a little brother?”. “?Well, I guess that’s a hard question because I have a little brother. “Well thanks anyway”. Casey hung up the phone.
Casey sighed. “ I guess I’ll just give up”. “What should I do now?, Casey thought. She looked at her wall of pictures. She saw a picture of her baby cousin standing next to Casey’s Grandma. She made a grin.
Casey ran down-stars making a smile on her face! “ Mom, since it’s Saturday can we go to Grandma’s house?” I completely forgot about that!”, Casey’s mom said shocked.
"Goodbye Casey", mom said. She had to go to work. Casey no had a brighter, wider smile! Casey saw her baby cousin! " Christopher, you wanna play tag?", Casey asked."Yea", Christopher said.Christopher fell on the grass all of a sudden.
Casey fell on pupose too and laughed. "This is how it's like to have a little brother".Casey thought.And she smiled.